Guide To Accessing Your Walmart Paystubs Online

Walmart is a multi-billion dollar giant in the retail industry with around 11,368 stores operating at the moment in 27 different countries. This definitely is a huge thing. The company currently runs hypermarkets, grocery stores, discount departmental stores and etc. You can find almost everything in a Walmart hypermarket once you get in. Getting in isn’t the problem, getting out is as no one ever wants to leave without buying a bunch of stuff from the store.

Well apart from the number of customers that the retail giant gets in a day, the other most astonishing part is that there are currently around 2.2 million employees that work for the country. So you can imagine the amount of trouble that the company might have to go through to get them all acquainted at the end of the month with their salaries and benefits.

Well, the task does seem impossible but as the company try to provide its customers with the best products and services, it does the same for it employees. All the working individuals out there probably understand how hard it can be sometimes to get all your salaries slips and paychecks in place at the end of the month or the year to do the taxes and figure out everything.

Not for Walmart employees anymore. Recently Walmart launched a new portal called the OneWalmart that is equipped with multiple features that help the employees figure out their agreement and everything else. But the best feature out of all is that the portal allows you to access all your paystubs as well.

What is Paystubs?

For individuals who don’t know what a paystub is, it is a part of your paycheck. Your paystub indicates all the details relating to your paycheck every month. It shows everything from the pre-tax amount to the amount of deductions made and the net amount that you are paid as salary at the end of the period.

Mostly employees are handed with paychecks and that is all but Walmart launched a new feature in their new portal called the OneWalmart that allows the customers to access all the data related to their paychecks in a feature called the paystub. You can now get all your taxes sorted out, figure out if your employer made a mistake in calculating your payment or just view it for your own personal reasons anytime online.

How can you access your paystubs through OneWalmart?

Accessing your paystubs isn’t any trouble any more if you are a Walmart employee. If you wish to get access to your pay checks online then all you need to do is simply visit the OneWalmart portal. The process isn’t complicated so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your hands on your paystubs. But still to help you out and ensure that the overall process goes smoothly we will help you get to it step by step so that you don’t get lost.

The very first thing that you need to do is, get registered to the OneWalmart portal. Once you are registered and you have your every own login details – simply punch them in the space provided to login to your account on the portal that keeps record of everything. Follow the steps bellow to access them successfully.

  1. Visit the official website of Walmart One Wire.
  2. Make sure that you are on the homepage.
  3. Click the Walmart logo on the homepage.
  4. Enter your login details in the space provided.
  5. If the details are correct you should be successfully logged in your account.
  6. Look for the ‘Paystub’ link on your homepage.
  7. Click the link to access your current or most recent paystub.
  8. If you wish to access your previous paystubs then change the date from the drop down menu and you will have access to all your paystubs.

Yes, the process is very simple. You just need to follow the steps and you won’t have any troubles accessing your paystubs in the future. You have keep track of them online or you can email them to yourself to have offline access to them as well. Accessing your paystubs has never been easier!

What terms do you need to look at when reading your paystubs?

Your paystub contains a lot of information regarding your salary and benefits. If you are a new employee who doesn’t know how to read the paystub or what you are looking for then not to worry because below is the list of the things that you need to consider when reading through your paystub. These are the important features that your paystub highlights about your salary and how everything else works. So let us go ahead and look at them in detail.

  1. Deposit Date and Advice No.

One of the main reasons why most of us check our paystubs is because we want to know when we can cash our paycheck. Well, in order to check that you need to look at the deposit date or the check date on your paystub. It will indicate the date when your payment will be available in your back account. The term ‘Advice #’ on the paystub is the reference number that you can use to ask any questions relation to your statement.

  1. Payee, Type, Account #, and Amount

These terms are important for the individuals who have their salaries directly deposited into their bank accounts. In some cases, an individual can have multiple bank account or the amount can be divided among two bank accounts thus in such as case this area helps a lot in identifying which amount in transferred in which account.

This area indicates the account in which the payment is transferred, the account type whether it is check or savings, the last digital four digits of your account number along with the amount which is transferred in your account. This information comes in handy a lot when it comes to identifying multiple payments in multiple bank accounts.

  1. Deductions for Taxes and Insurance

Taxes are out major problems. No matter how much we want to avoid them, we still have to go through them at the end of every month to get it all sorted before it piles up in our faces at the end of the year. Well the good news is that the paystub feature comes with the taxes and insurance section which indicates how much amount if deducted for taxes and insurance from your salary every month.

The very first line that you will see in this section shows you the social security tax, federal taxes and the local and state taxes that you have to pay out of your salary. The next line will indicate the amount that is deducted for insurances purposes such as medial, death, vision care, stock purchases and etc.

You need to make sure that you let Walmart know the amount of tax that they should deduct on monthly basis because if you don’t then they will deduct everything at the highest possible rate to cover the area from their end. Thus it is always better to inform them in the start when filling out all the forms.

  1. Earnings

The earning section shows the amount that you earn every month or the amount that has been paid to you during the year up till the current date. It will indicate everything from the number of hours that you have worked and the hourly rate that you are getting in detail so that you don’t have confusion calculating your salary on your own as well for reassurance purposes.

  1. Payment/Withholding Overview

The section gives the overview of your entire paystub. Instead of going through the various sections, you can get it all in this section as it shows the total amount that you have earned along with the deductions that were made during the year and what net payment you are left with after all the taxes, insurance and deduction payments.

These are almost all the sections that the paystub feature in OneWalmart covers so you can easily understand how your salary is being calculated and what actual figure you will be getting at the end of every month. Make sure to check them all out to know what is happening at the backend.

Reasons your OneWalmart isn’t showing your Paystubs

There are often times when your OneWalmart portal won’t work entire or only the paystub feature will not be responding on your end. Although this is a rare case but it might occur. So here are the main reasons that suggest why you must be facing the problem along with the answers that you are looking for to get it fixed.

  • Excessive traffic on the portal/website can cause to it slow down or breakdown in some cases as well. If the portal fails to load or is responding late then try accessing it a few hours later when the traffic might be low so that the server responds to quickly.
  • If you fail to access your account through the OneWalmart portal then you can try accessing it through the newly launched paystubs portal called the Money Network Paystub Portal here at In order to access it from here you will need to punch in your PIN, Facility Number, Birthdate and WIN to successfully sign in.
  • Your web browser can sometime also be an issue as it records your previous actions which can at times interfere with the current actions. So try deleting the cache data and the cookies to successfully log in.
  • Your device at times can also be the root cause of the problem. It might not be compatible with the portal thus try using a different device to access the portal.
  • Your internet connection can be a major problem due to which the portal might not be responding. Reset your connection or try a faster one to access the portal for your paystubs.

We hope that you find the solution to your problem and can access the portal through the solutions that we have mentioned along with the problems. If you are facing any other issues then you can always contact the customer care at Walmart and they will help you figure out the root cause.

Final Words

The paystub feature in the OneWalmart portal comes in quite handy to the employees. Walmart has millions of employees all around the globe and there is always a chance that the person finalizing your paycheck might make a mistake. So the paystub feature allows you to keep track of your salaries and understand what deductions are made and what amount you are paid on monthly basis. This also helps you make sure that you are paid the right amount based on the number of hours that you have worked and the rate that you are getting.

It like a piece of evidence, that you can use to settle discrepancies with your employer, if there are any issues found in your paystubs. Plus you can use your paystubs to fill out your tax forms with ease as well. Overall the feature is quite amazing and we hope that you find all the information that you came here looking for and understand what the paystub feature is all about.