list of Idle Heroes Best Heroes {updated}

Best performing list of Idle Heroes Best Heroes {updated}

Idle Heroes Best Heroes – Are you looking for the Idle Heroes Best Heroes from all factions. Then here we have compiled a list of best heroes of idle Heroes game. The list is ordered by the Factions. While making the list I was quite attentive and predict that all of those heroes are able to gain 9 stars very easy to make them strong for the gaming end perspectives.

Idle Heroes Best Heroes

Fire Faction

  1. Barea (it’s a Tank Beast PvP & PvE).
  2. Queen (Having good capability of damaging the enemy with counterattacks. Easily win the fights as a whole).
  3. Karim (test the Karim by putting the HP Stone on him and see the magic).
  4. Margaret (if you don’t have anyone of the above grab it).

Undead Faction

  1. Blood Blade (Blood blade is one of the best heroes of the entire game).
  2. Walter (he has an armor break which is far better).
  3. Aidan (Aidan is the 3rd largest Crits of the game undoubtedly he is a monster).
  4. Lutz (Lutz is very good against mages)

Nature Faction Idle Heroes Best Heroes

  1. Demon Hunter (Demon Hunter has ultimate speed and will be very useful in your team).
  2. Rosa (Rosa is a priest which will offer the great strength to your team).
  3. Groo (Groo is the best for the first position tank in the whole game).

Fortress Faction

  1. Flame Strike (Flame Strike is one of the best in the entire game).
  2. Iceblink (Can easily steal the attacks of the opponents).
  3. Ormus (he is an amazing healer).

Idle Heroes

Dark Faction

  1. Dark Arthindol.
  2. Das Moge.

Light Faction

  1. Asmodel (capable of buffing up your whole team and let everyone crit harder).
  2. Michelle (Craziest tank in the whole game and capable to live 90% in most diverse situations).