How to Request Leave via Sedgwick/Walmart


The very first step is to go to my Sedgwick official link and request LOA. Taking Leave of Absence (LOA) requires you to have a formal request and get that approved. Sedgwick is in charge for all LOAs, the third-party administers the formal requests. In fact, if you will claim disability, my Sedgwick/walmart will also handle your short-term claim regarding that.

Make sure to submit your request to Sedgwick whether your request is for personal reason or anything else. It is necessary because facility manager needs to approve your request. Sedgwick reviews your situation and request, checking your eligibility, then send your formal request further for approval and begin recording and tracking your leave dates.

Will I Get Paid for Leave?

Generally, LOA is unpaid. However, to have some backup you need to get accessibility to PTO or disability benefits. As it will be an alternate for your income while you are on leave from work. Note that, keep your other benefits coverage by your premium checks as it is crucial. Also keep in mind that, if you claimed for short-term disability, so your benefit premiums will get eliminated from your short-term disability payment, like medical coverage, etc.

I don’t Know English, Will This Matter?

No! Even, Sedgwick has the AT&T language line that assures you translator when you talk with the representative of Sedgwick. The AT&T language line of Sedgwick has 40 language supports. For instance, if you don’t know English so you can submit your medical certification or claim in any other language like Spanish, Sedgwick will get it translated.

When Do I Have To Request A Leave?

You can request a leave 30 days before you need your leave. However, if you get something unexpected than try claiming request as soon as possible. Make sure to claim within one working day as you get to know that you need to have leave from work.

Also, Sedgwick allows you that if you cannot submit your request due to something, so your HR, manager or any family member is also allowed to submit that for you.

What is The Way to Request Leave?

For your ease, here mentioning step by step guide on how you can submit your leave.

  1. Firstly, let your manager know instantly that you are going to have a leave
  2. For your ease, simply follow the usual call in method

At Walmart stores, they call all the absence until the time your managers confirms that he knows about your leave request. This mostly happens in 24 hours time. After that, your status will get changed to inactive.

  1. Simply, request your leave with my Sedgwick/walmart.

For this require some crucial things like

  • Your WIN number
  • Your contact information
  • The reason you taking leave
  • Fax number of your health specialist (only if you take leave for medical or family care)
  • Proper dates of your leave
  • Your recent two weeks of working schedule

This is everything you need to know about requesting leave at Walmart.


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  1. Hello this is Helen Del Dosso, not sure how to request personal leave of absence– i was on covid leave from 8/18/2020 – 8/31/2020. Have not been to work since –spoke with HR at Walmart in camarillo and she stated that i request a personal leave of absence starting on 9/01/2020, see my dr next week wednesday or thursday.
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