Idle Heroes Guide about Available Resources of the Idle Heroes APK

The idle Heroes Guide – This comprehensive guide will explain the gamer the ultimate ways through which they can enjoy the game with continuous progression. Reading the guide and adopted it means that you want to proceed in the game efficiently and quickly. In this idle heroes guide, we will explain what are the resources of the Idle Heroes apk Game, how can you utilize them and how can you gain them? So, brace yourself and get ready to explore the items of idle Heroes with idle Heroes Guide.

ResourcesUsed ToGained from










·        Coins are the basic currency of the game.

·        You can use to upgrade gear of the game.

·        For the Level up Heroes.

·        You can purchase all type of items from coins.

·        Auto Battles.

·        Hand of Midas.

·        Gaining the daily quests of the game.

·        Acquiring a level in the tower of oblivion.

·        On winning the Battles of Arena.

·        Winning combats from friends.

·        Upon winning fighting in the Brave trial.

·        Completing the game challenges








·        You can buy items from the Game Store with gems.

·        Summon Heroes

·        You can buy casino Spins with Gems.

·        You can get arena tickets through gems

·        Completing Challenges of game.

·        Completing daily quest of game.

·        Watching ads.

·        Events.

·        Sing-in Bonus

·        On winning the Battles of Arena.

·        Winning combats from friends.











·        The Spirit is used to power up the idle Heroes

·        Auto Battles.

·        Daily quests.

·        On a campaign completing a stage of the game.

·        Completing daily quests and challenges.

·        Event Raids.

·        On winning the Battles of Arena.

·        Winning combats from friends.



Hero Promotion Stone




·        Used to increase the leveling cap and heroes stars.

·        Auto Battles.

·        Finishing a level of the campaign.

·        Completing stage in the Tower of Oblivion.

·        Arena Battles winning.

·        Winning fights from friends.

·        Events




Hero Shards




·        Summoning Heroes

·        Auto Battles.

·        Completing level of a campaign.

·        Can be purchased from store.

·        At the Altar spend soul stones.

·        Events rewards.

·        Can be purchased with the Guild Coins.

Magic Dust·        Can be used to update the treasures which have been used by heroes·        Auto-Battle.

·        Can be purchased from the store.

Dragon Scale·        Can be used to purchase equipment’s and Hero Shards·        Acquired by completing the level in the Brave Trial.
Prophet Orb·        Can be used to summoning the 4 & 5-star heroes from the gate of Prophets.·        Gained through events
Soul Stones·        Can be used to purchase items and Hero Shards at the Altar.·        Disassembling the heroes at the Altar.
Guild Coins·        Can be used to purchase items and Heroes Shards in the Guild.·        Can be acquired by completing the action within the Guild.


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