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Idle Heroes – Cheat, Hack, Unlimited Gems, Codes & Glitch [2019 Guide]

From past few days, we have requested by so many Idle Heroes players for providing Idle Heroes Cheat guide where each and every player wants to tips & tricks, cheat codes, hacks, Glitch detailed guide to take this game to the next level.

When we got to know about the game mechanic first time, that time we understand that cheating idle heroes is the real thing that every player should try. All of the transactions were made via the server, and by following the cheat Idle Heroes you can edit the damage and build your game stronger than before with our free private idle heroes server.

Idle Heroes Cheats Hacks

Idle Heroes Cheat Guide

As we already mention that, almost all elements in this game is coming from server-side. So, the right way to perform any cheat code on Idle Heroes is to hack server database or to direct buy the in-game currency.

We never suggest to invest here, because the user will have to invest $20, 000 to get to VIP-13 (The highest rank anyone can achieve in the Idle Heroes). If you want to be completely free to play kind of player, then you won’t play much, because you will hit the wall pretty soon.

Best you can do is to run the game on the private server. There are some private servers available that are managed by private persons, and those people invest their time and knowledge to make some great games available for all of idle heroes players and this is why it is called idle heroes private server cheats.

So, let’s find out some idle heroes glitch 2019 collection and you will enjoy the idle heroes more and more:

If you own an Android device, go to their subreddit [IdleHeroesPS] and download the modded game. If you don’t have any android device, then you can easily install any Android Emulator such as Bluestacks and install Idle Heroes Game on it.

Idle Heroes Hack

What are the Powers Comes with VIP-13 Rank?

The VIP-13 Ranked Player has tremendous benefits in this game and below we have added all the best benefits you will get when you get the VIP-13 rank after performing cheat via idle heroes cheat codes of mod apk.

  • 600 Hero capacity
  • 200% bonus from auto-battle
  • 400% gold from the hand of Midas
  • Daily gems giveaway
  • Free prophet summons every day
  • Free casino chips every day

Best Idle Heroes Cheat Codes List:

  • Hack Bonus Code: ob4EwQ;
  • Gold Coins: gfewqa;
  • Gem Crystal: dvjop4;
  • VIP points: nbV29X;
  • Free Casino: 9bcVwe;
  • VIP Status: mljfde;
  • Friendship summon: vfvds0;
  • Heroic Summon: Vxae83;

Free store codes Idle Heroes on Android and iOS:

  • Add 100 000 Coins: 2841#93coins39
  • Add 50 000 Gems: 4937#68gems86

Is it Legal to Cheat the Idle Heroes Game?

Doing cheating is always wrong because it violet the policies of the game or app, and in every game such as physical games, action games, offline games or online role-playing games never accepts the cheating at all.

It always against the terms of services of Idle Heroes and this is why the developer can anytime ban your account if the cheating detected. They have the right to ban you anytime without giving you any type of warning, it’s better to undergo through idle hero’s guide by the following link.

So, cheat the game on your understanding, we never recommend to violet any game policy or terms of services.

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