How can you download the Walmart W-2 Forms?

At the start of January 2019, different companies mail out Walmart W2’s to their mostly employees. The due date is provided by the IRS. All the W2 forms can avail by the end of January. However, without waiting for so long, you can get it online quickly.

The employees of Walmart can find out the W-2 forms online directly from You can make corrections and then print the original wage and tax statement. The statement shows you how much money the Walmart employee earned and the amount for yearly tax a person has paid to IRS.

Some folks and contractors may need a 1099 form; however, if your employees paid up to $600 yearly tax, then you need to get the W-2 form by 31st of January. Most people are a bit confused between the W-2 and W-4 forms. W-2 form carries all tax and payments that a Walmart employee paid. However, employees fill out a W-4 form to list out all deductions. It is a form of proof that is provided to employers to see the amount of tax.

Walmart W-2 form of 2019:


A W-2 form is now available at It is a new portal that handles all employers’ tax form management. The portal is accessible to anyone anytime. All you need is to open the web page and search for the specific form W-2 or 1095C form in the search engine. Enter your login Employer code. Mostly employers forget about their employer code. However, if you also forget the code, you can enter your name and SSN number.

The PIN and SSN are confidential and provided by a message. You can only get your PIN number when you log in to Go on walmarttone and find out your gross payment and your stub payment. For example, if your gross pay is $15,000, then your pin code will be 15000. You need to verify your identity by providing your accurate details on the address bar. Now go to the dashboard and get your W-2 form to print it.

How you can get the copy of W-2 form:


You can get your duplicate W-2 form from TurboTax and H&R Block sites. These sites are internet tax preparation sites. You can get complete access to your forms for free with the help of the online tax filing process.

How many W-2 forms do you need?


Managers make an aggregate of 6 duplicates of the W-2 form. Three of those duplicates go to the worker, who records them with their expense forms. One of the staying three duplicates held by the worker and the other two duplicates must be given to the government authority.

Duplicate of W-2 goes to Social Security Administration (SSA) with a W-3 form that incorporates a rundown of all the W-2s for each laborer. The SSA doesn’t acknowledge copies.

Duplicate 1 of the W-2 form goes to a suitable state, city, or nearby expense division. Workers keep Copy C for themselves. They document Copy B and Copy 2 with their government assessment forms and state with kept separately.

So what will be mention on W-2 form? Well, as an employer, you have to keep several things in your mind while filling this form.

  • Place the social security number on the top portion.
  • On the right below side, you have to place your identification number along with the address and name.
  • There is a control number that is useful for payroll purposes.



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